Just curious if anyone researched the process Rand McNally would have used to change country names. This challenge also remembered my grandparents. One of the searches I did was for the Rand McNally sales catalog. Remember, globe manufacturers did not always change the names of countries and boundaries immediately.

This article explains the copyright rules for maps and globes. This is a fairly dramatic example of the power of the sun. Occasionally the map code on a given map doesn't agree with its publication date, but this is usually a case of a reprint. Sun fade to the ink in these lines especially the red lines is almost a given, but I want to show an example of a globe with the lines still intact. It seems globe makers are notorious for not dating the things, so that users will always think they have the latest and greatest.

Dating Rand McNally and Gousha Maps

How to Identify the Age of Rand McNally Maps & Globes
How to Identify the Age of Rand McNally Maps & Globes

Antique Rand Mcnally Globes

This is consistent with what we already learned. He found the Biblioserver Newberry search tool. Still digging further to narrow down this timeframe. The size matches as well which is why the tape measure I assume. Check it out, half price hook up columbus you will be glad you did!

Since we didn't have Google Maps back then, I'm not sure how long it would take for changes to go through publishing a globe. Flaws include some spidering of the shellac, and some minor dirt accumulation especially on the northern hemisphere. If the code contains four digits, the first two digits reference the base map. First what is so bad about the sun? Today I want to share a really special globe.

Keep in mind however, that Vietnam divided into North and South Vietnam inso you might have to use the other countries on this checklist to be sure of the age. During much of this period, an explicit statement of date appears somewhere in the map, such as in the legend. Today's question is straightforward but perhaps not so simple. The method of looking for country-name-changes is pretty good, but it's not super precise, and got us only within a year or two.

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Rand McNally

Take the last two digits of the last four numbers and invert them, e. This other Joslin shows these bold colors the same bold colors that were at one time present on the other globe. The pages I looked at never got very specific.

How to Date an Antique Globe Omniterrum

About Me Dan Russell View my complete profile. The code will contain four, five or six digits, depending on the month and date. All the information you need is right here. If owning a few globes that are in average condition, and displaying them as decor in your home is your goal then no you probably don't need this.

Collecting Antique and Vintage Globes June

It failed during the Great Depression. Indonesia annexes Portuguese Timor. Since the name was changed around the end ofthis is a great date to use for finding map time boundaries. Bear in mind that it's really worth checking multiple resources.

So I figured I'd have to start looking up countries that were shown on the globe or not shown as a way of figuring out what the possible range was. This allows for construction of a list of proper dates. At the bottom left corner of each map usually are some letters. Finally, the last digit of the code is the last digit of the year of issue. We're all interested in learning from your research process!

Rand McNally
  1. The codes are generally publication dates jumbled in a certain, consistent way that are often preceded by the letter C, although this is not always the case.
  2. If the code contains three digits, the first digit appears to reference the base map.
  3. Search the SearchResearch Blog.
  4. Were you able to determine that?
  5. Fiji and Tongan Independence.

Instead, various elements of the maps changed over time. Malawi is on the globe as well. Try searching for collections that might have a description of the thing you seek. The journeys of explorers of the ocean, land and space can be found on vintage and antique world globes.

Now to the orb, it sits in exceptional preservation, it has no dents, no cracks, and no missing map. Uses for Vintage Globes Vintage globes look right at home in any decor. It's a great challenge, though.

Vincent and the Grenadines independence. Even old posts often attract attention! What was the line of reasoning you used to determine the date here.

Though, I do realize this post is old, so it's not likely anyone will reply. If you're teaching with YouTube videos, you know the problem. British Somaliland became independent. Did you upgrade your machine? There is much less fading to this orb than the other Joslin globe in my collection, the reds, range pigtail hook and greens are in particularly great shape.

Dating Globes omniterrum - Rand mcnally globe dating sites

If you actively seek the best globes you can afford and decorate your home around your collection, then yes sun protection is necessary, the proof is in the pictures. Jon sent in some photos of the globe to see if we could figure it out. List of dates that can be helpful when dating globes. Use the link above to connect to a site at Michigan State University to learn more about dating Clason maps. The uncertainties in dating e.

Dating World Globes How old is my globe

  • Your numbers are slightly different, correct?
  • It'll get us within a year or two.
  • North and South Yemen merge into one country, Yemen Namibia gains independence.
  • On the example you see a very typical coloring of muted reds and greens, these shades should look familiar to anyone studying globes from this time period, a mellow, warm surface.
  • Palestine becomes British mandate.

Some people collect globes because they often show the tracks and routes that explorers took as they learned about our planet. Oh, I don't know about that. This is a work in progress, and should not be quoted without verification. Also Trinidad and Tobago, and Western Samoa. Add them to a credenza in an entryway.

Well that depends on how serious a collector you plan on becoming. It was called Southern Rhodesia. First off, I scanned the globe images carefully, looking for a date, or an edition number, or anything that would be an authoritative mark from the manufacturer. It was often, best muslim dating but not always in the bottom left or bottom right corner of the body of the map.

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