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Vintage Advance Patterns

During the depression era women began to sew more now than ever before. The envelope is torn on the edges. Kindest regards from Switzerland, Doris aka Frau Button. Great article, I too resell patterns and this info is very informative.

Others collect them because these slim envelopes filled with tissue give a glimpse into a lifestyle that many of us no longer have the luxury to live. Low placed loops for self belt. Great to check out before you begin your next project! Notice the Eiffel Tower in the logo. Envelope is in poor condition.

Martha Stewart

Advance was one of the pattern companies that Mattel authorized to make patterns for their Barbie fashion doll. Simplicity patterns were known for their ease of sewing. If you're looking for a specific pattern without any luck, pay a visit to the Vintage Sewing Patterns Wiki. Narrowing your focus helps because you can learn about and recognize patterns in your chosen area much quicker than if you try to digest the whole range of sewing patterns made since the s.

Exploring vintage patterns will further your knowledge of the fashions of that era. Some collect vintage patterns because they want to reproduce the styles of days gone by for their wardrobes. No matter what your favorite style or era, eventually you may have questions. Over the years many of these vintage pieces have gotten moth holes, faded, ladies dating or the fabric has become fragile.

This company was quite successful from the s through the s. The sole fact that a pattern is old may not make it desirable. Here's a roundup of some of the sources we've found the most useful and reliable. The envelope is torn on one side. This is where it stayed until the war when the star was used.

Dating Vintage Patterns

After that the logo was written in script and kept in the upper left hand corner. The easiest patterns to date are those from McCall's and Simplicity. Full gathered skirt with optional belt styles. Three way separates, blouse with round convertible collar has set in sleeve in two lengths. You, too, could someday be able to glance at a bad photo of a large group of so-called s pattens and realize instantly that half of them are from the s and s.

Dating your patterns Dating vintage sewing patterns is largely a matter of experience and practice. Dating vintage sewing patterns is largely a matter of experience and practice. There are also dating charts by pattern company and number in both the Blueprints of Fashion books. Advance started with the number and finished the decade with the series. Since Advance did not date their patterns, it is difficult to pin down actual dates.

VintageStitching - Vintage Sewing Patterns

Inverted pleat adds back fullness. Ann Adams An American mail-order pattern company. Keeping that in mind, dating in the middle you can still get a rough idea of the era based upon price and then use further assessments to narrow it down father.

Antique and collectibles price guides sometimes include a line or two about sewing patterns, but the focus is usually on antique sewing machines or those wonderful and pricey! Originally it appears that the logo was along the top of the pattern envelope and then in the logo was along the left hand side of the envelope. Blouse has V neckline and fold over collar.

  • That's what makes for happy collecting.
  • For instance it is very difficult to tell a pattern from a pattern.
  • These pages are constantly changing as new information and new publications are found.
  • As such, they are vital statements of vintage fashion as worn by most Americans.
  • Small collar, full skirt, widens at shoulders, slims down to a deep V at waist.

The price of a pattern then, like today, would vary based upon an elaborate pattern verse a normal pattern. The artwork on the envelopes can also be a thing of beauty to behold all by itself. It's a not-for-profit site that maintains stray pieces for vintage sewing patterns, and there's a Post section where members help each other find replacement pieces or complete patterns for sale.

Sewing Patterns - Find Sew Patterns
  1. This website offers reproduction vintage patterns as well as complete originals.
  2. Modes Royale patterns were sold in the most up-scale department stores in the s and s.
  3. Modes Royale Modes Royale patterns were sold in the most up-scale department stores in the s and s.
  4. You learn the date of one pattern, then another.

Fold down notched collar, button down front, patch pockets. Vogue Vogue Patterns began in as a mail-order feature in Vogue Magazine. Optional puff sleeves and neckline ruffle. If you love vintage style then most likely you own a few vintage wardrobe pieces. So check back often to see the current changes.

While it's nice to know the pattern's fair market value is much higher than the price we paid, it's even better to know that we could have paid five times what we did and still felt it was worth it. The patterns are always expertly graded, and are printed on glossy white paper. Rosie the Riveter was born. Butterick also didn't print the copyright of their patterns anywhere on the pattern.

18 Advanced Sewing Patterns We Dare You to Make - Seams And Scissors

Readers showcase how the pattern turned out for them and any tips or suggestions. By premaking a pattern using inexpensive muslin, you can adjust the fit so that the outfit fits you like a glove! If you are buying to resell, remember that unused is always more valuable than used.

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Making new clothing from vintage patterns means you can easily wash and wear what you make without fear of it falling apart. The pride and joy of our collection is the s McCall breakfast coat pattern show here. Many of the oldest patterns currently available to collectors are from Butterick. Embellishing ready made items were also popular in this scene. In the s, they released a line of special patterns called Customode.

Womens Vintage Advance Patterns at Vintage Clothing

One Yellow Cottage Dating Vintage Sewing Patterns

Thank you for all of your hard work on this topic. Pajama trousers have elastic in casing all round waistline to insure proper fit. It appears to have gone out of business by the late s. This company did beautiful dresses and suits throughout the s into the s.

Sewing patterns Vintage sewing patterns Vintage sewing

83 500 Vintage Sewing Patterns are Now Available for You to See

Butterick and Vogue have both begun re-issuing vintage patterns, confirming the popularity of the vintage sewing trend. In the meantime, happy collecting! Simplicity did release special patterns series. Dress buttons in front, has short sleeves, and fold over collar. They are, in, and of themselves, a documentation of fashion sewing of the past.

Unprinted pattern has been used. Their logo went through lots of changes through the years with the only exception being its location on the left side of the envelope. This company seems to have been one of the last to convert to a printed tissue pattern. These vintage patterns are glimpses into the clothes and home furnishings that decorated the lives of Middle America. Plain, simple styles including very plain dresses, skirts or sleepwear are not particularly sought after, regardless of the era.

Dating Vintage Patterns

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